Thursday, October 1, 2015

Evil - A Poem

Kevin, a Personal Injury Lawyer, was sick of people thinking he was evil simply because he was a lawyer.
The constant anti-lawyer quips and jokes, snake analogies, the 'ambulance chaser' moniker, it had all worn him down.
It had gotten so bad that he was now without doubt in a deep and dangerous clinical depression, and living a life rife with insomnia, crying bouts and frequent thoughts of death. 

'You don't think I'm evil just because I'm a lawyer do you?' He said to Claire one day, with a quiver in his voice, and tears welling in his eyes.

Claire didn't know how to respond. 
She looked back into his eyes, for a moment. 
Then she timidly looked away, and began twiddling and fidgeting with her chains, before looking him back in the eyes and saying 'I can honestly say, from the heart, that in the entire fifteen years you've held me captive I've never once thought you were evil JUST because you're a lawyer'. 

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