Saturday, December 26, 2009

The big moments of 2010-2020!!!!!!!

With the end of the decade everyone is talking about the big moments of the past ten years, but that's boring, thats just talking about stuff thats already happened. Luckily I am one of those fortunate few who know what is YET to happen.

Here are some highlights of the next decade

People no longer run off to join the circus, now the circus comes home with its tail between its legs in hope of joining you

A new music trend called 'shunderling' has swept the world.Parents don't get it & Kanye West still hasn't made any unique or interesting music

People have finally tuned into how birds really eat, now when we feed ducks we vomit in their mouths

Sex robots came and went, but sex milkshakes took off big time. People are now fat and satisfied

People no longer rake leaves after it was discovered you can train dogs to eat them, now people just rake dog poo

Skydiving and squashing bugs have been combined into a hugely popular yet very bloody sport

The fashion trend to wear clothes quite wrinkled has come and if this one ends there's going to be murder sprees

There are no longer people who we consider to be fat, because we're all fat, there are less people injured from sex though

People have gotten realistic, we now have dessert first then ask if anyone has room for salad

The town drunk is once again an admired member of society, unfortunately there's a really long waiting list for the position

Carrots have finally taken the lead in their 30 year battle to be the most chipped vegetable

A man celebrated being the ultimate winner at a cockroach eating contest when he quit before starting

There's now a third number to consider when your going to the toilet. Number 3 - when you diarrhea out your bellybutton

Frogs staged an unsuccessful revolution inspired by frustration over human drinks hogging all the tiny umbrellas

Curtains have been renamed 'cruelty to peeping tom sheets' and we're all much happier because of it

Its going to be one hell of a decade, hope you're looking forward to it!!!!!!!!

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