Sunday, December 20, 2009

Only magical tennis rackets shit in the woods - and stuff

Hell yeah wowser,

Some good stuff

I've been entering this myspace weekly photography competition and only a couple of times in and I fucking won one. Yay to me.

I've been accepted into an exclusive acting school in Los Angeles and assuming I can get my student visa all worked out (big assumption, I also 'assume' I'll write a book that outsells the bible one day, assumptions are fun!) I'll be coming back to La La land soon.

Assuming that these assumptions are acceptable to the admitting authorities I will soon be back hosting my show at IO Went in Hollywood, Ok Intriguing.

And assuming that I can keep building this wonderful show from its humble beginnings into a comedic and artistic masterpiece of excellence that people love so much it changes you know something or whatever (or just because I can't help doing these things), I am going to launch the Ok, Intriguing online talk show really soon (as I alluded to in an earlier blog). One of my co-hosts will be the beautiful and talented Jacqueline Beaulieu

Check out some stuff we've done

I'm still looking for a nut job crazy person to be involved as well, so keep those nominations coming in. (Tila Tequila still hasn't emailed me :( )

It looks like I might also get to be a part of this awesome girls radio show soon, I'll keep you posted, but add her up

I got an email from Myspace today saying they had removed one of my photos and if I keep up my shenanigans they may delete me. I can't even fathom what photo they didn't like, I think I barely showed even man nipple, and no violence or images of kids or anything, and I haven't even uploaded any pics recently. But anyway, should I be deleted I'll probably rebuild here

(also duck into the archives of that blog, I wrote tonnes of stuff over there, much of it I would probably horrify me, to know I thought those ways at times, so feel free to point some embarrassing stuff out to me)

I might even build over here

Or I may start a new profile called 'why did I start so many fucking profiles'

I would be tempted to build here

But I started that profile while drunk a few weeks back to work on my alter-ego Random Impish Rain, the nutbar rock star, but I can't freaking remember the log in details, I think I might have opened a new email account, but with who or what I have no ideas. Fuck!

I still think the closest to an offensive photo I have is this one. And mother nature made him, in all his gloryness! (If I spell check that is suggestions gloominess - proof spell check is a pessimistic prick) Actually when I got the note a photo was offensive I just assumed that this was the photo that was removed and before I even checked I was fuming at myspace for removing a photo of a rock. Turns out I was harshly jumping to conclusions, it was probably just my face they didn't like.

Oh speaking of which, I got those glasses things yesterday, only 15 years after I first started needing them. Are you supposed to feel like you're stuck in some sort of wonky circus mirror looking through these?

Also Brittany Murphy died today, its the first time a celebrity has died that I genuinely hoped to sleep with one day, I feel wrong thinking that today, but then again she'd want to be remembered as a hottie right?

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