Sunday, December 20, 2009

A lesson you all already now (or your parents should be in jail)

I know, its ironic isn't it? The inventor of the 'bed' was NOT a lazy guy at all. CLEARLY I am serious.

"Dad, I am tired, but sleeping on the dirty rock hard floor is uncomfortable wah wah wah"
"Shut up you little shit, I didn't have kids to listen to whining all the time, if you want to sleep on something more comfortable than the floor then fucking invent something more comfortable you fucking lazy fucking shit"

I don't know why I am writing this dialogue, we all know the story right? The great, legendary story of the invention of the bed, as passed from generation to generation since the bed was invented in 1972. (I don't know why people get so excited about the free love fuck fest of the 60s, fucking not in a bed, no THANK you!!!!)



Some of you don't know this story? Well ok, I'll continue, but instead of reading on you should really have your parents arrested for negligence for not sharing this story with you.

"ok I will" said the whiny uncomfortable boy (at the time more to prove his asshole father wrong, that he wasn't lazy, rather than to invent a wonderfully delightful way to sleep, well a thing to sleep ON anyway)

That's the end of the story, now I feel like I should just have finished in the beginning.

And so the bed was invented, and my god hell yeah did this invention sweep the world.

"You mean I don't have to sleep on concrete anymore?"
"There is a soft thing I can sleep on now?"
"Bed as in the opposite of ded, sounds like the opposite of horrible"

So the commercials chanted, with cheesy actors failing to convince even the retards that this was their words and not the words of an uneducated copy writer, but we still bought beds, hell yeah we did, and we loved their comphy beautiful heavenlyness comfortablenesslyness.

Within a yeah earth had been re-named. We now lived on Bedland, where lots of people slept on beds.

"Bedariffic" was something no one said at the time, but as I am sure you know, years later, EVERYONE claimed to have said life was "bederiffic" in bedland". Even people who weren't alive when earth was named bedland. Those lying fucks.

I am glad you all know the story, or else I just gave a little spoiler, that's right, bedland didn't last. As you know, only six years after the invention and embration and proliferation of beds to such an extent that world peace was declared and as a new union of acceptance based on sweet delicious and refreshing nights sleeps was formed with a world wide governing body formed after the first delegate super comphy sleep over party, we decided in a vote of all the world, with a marigin of 4 billion, 208 million, 387 thousand and 12 to the rest of those losers who voted against it, that earth was renamed bedland.

But then, of course, came Star Trek, who stole all the technology from the bedland rulers, and slaughtered a random 10% of bedland extremists which scared off the other 90% of extemists so they were just enthusiast which of course have way less influence than extremists, and then they covered up this slaughter by making it look like those 10% of slaughtered extremists had died by choking on their own vomit at the age of 27, ironically making those exact same extremists be remembered as legends rather than martyrs, no wait that too, I mean, you know the bad dudes. SAME FUCKING THING THEY DID TO HENDRIX JUST BECAUSE HE INVENTED THE AWESOME LIGHTING OF ONES GUITAR ON FIRE WHILE ONE SOLOS LIKE ONES AWESOMENESSOUS WIND ONE COOL!!! Those guitarist and bedist extremist hatering motherfuckers.

Extremists are not as feared as enthusiasts
Star Trek ruined Bedland
Hendrix would be remembered differently if we didn't write about him in capitals

Thats what people forget in history if you ask me, and even if you don't ask me, is Jealousy, people forget that fucking jealousy makes people do angry stuff. Plus you know jealousy is always cleverly edited to show certain people in certain light shops, and the way they are percieved, its history assholes, not reality TV.

Anyway, don't forget bedland, or Hendrix, or the fact that despite a desire to sleep in comfort, the inventor of the bed was NOT lazy!

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