Friday, February 19, 2010

Tell me about it

So you know as a writer in the past four years I have written about 3 or 4 million words or so of work, only 3.98 million of them unread by anyone, but I have yet to ever really have writers block (I think I sucked some writers block god's cock in a past life, I'm not proud of it, but you do what you have to do) but what I am facing a little right now is topic block.

So who (seriously you dyslexic loser - 'here', not fucking 'who', the word you want is 'here') here is the deal, name me a topic, a word, a suggestion, a thought and I will write something about it. Just let me know what and I'll rock it out!

By the way, why are models so freakin tall? I have never met a guy who wants a girl to be taller than him, so by my calculations models should average five foot two!! (ps I love girls way shorter than me who are ridiculously hot, call me babys)

Ps I hate the use of the word 'baby' to mean 'girl I'd like my cock in'

Pps Why do so many writers write shit as if everyone feels the same as them

Ppppps did I mention 'why are models tall' and 'I like short girls yet'?

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