Saturday, February 18, 2012

And now in really simple riddles

What is the gender of the author of the following quote?

'Reece Witherspoon has only gotten more beautiful since having children'

a. A man
b. A woman
c. You are a sexist douche-bag for writing this blog
d. She never was beautiful, let alone now MORE beautiful
e. Chocolate and peanut butter should never make love
f. A transgender
g. I'm too busy masturbating at pictures of her from that time she went topless before she was famous to answer this question
h. I think she is gorgeous, and I'm a man, and my boyfriend agrees
i. With a spoon, more like with my penis, am I right?
j. Isn't a multiple choice supposed to have four answers at most?
k. A multiple choice can have as many answers as you want you asshole
l. Maybe I'll keep adding more just to fuck with you people
m. I just realized that I was completely messing up the alphabet here
n. That's pretty pathetic, even if you have fixed it
o. If you fixed it then why are you still mentioning it
p. An alien that looks like a woman
q. If 'Q' is always followed by 'U' then why doesn't the alphabet reflect that
r. I hope he doesn't try and drag this out to 'Z'
s. Hermaphrodite

If you chose A, K, Q, or U you are correct.

If you have noticed there was no U then you are also correct

If you think chocolate and peanut butter shouldn't be friends then I agree

If you can hook me up with her please do so

If you can't then who can you hook me up with, I am horny and lonely, please help!

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