Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's all happening

- My new book, The Embarrassing Memory Murderer, is getting closer and closer to release date - I have even seen a digital version of it, and it's awesome, so look forward to that.
- Because of this, as a super special treat, I have now made my last book just 99c on kindle
- That's just 77 British Pence 
- You can find it here:

- Also don't forget that if you have an iphone, an ipad, macbook, and probably all the equivalents on android and PC you can download a kindle APP for free!!!! You can end up with hundreds of books on your phone or computer, even if they're not mine I highly recommend this, reading is totally fun you guys
- I wrote a blog about leaves today, but I wrote it with pencil, which means I need to type it up - stay tuned
- My soccer team is doing really shit which is making me hate sport again and focus back on arts
- Anne Hathaway accidentally showed her vagina
- People have actually been voting on what book I should publish next - thanks you awesome people
- I am really, really tired
- Seriously, her vagina!

There is probably even more awesome stuff, so enjoy life people, yaaaayyyy

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