Friday, November 28, 2014

The Best Day of My Life Initiative – Eleven lonely lepers

Ok, right off the bat I need to talk about the title for this blog. I wrote the number eleven, because this is the eleventh edition of this new blog initiative of mine, which is about living every day as if it’s the best of my life, or at least looking over the past day of my life and thinking about it as if it was the best day of my life, so that I can go to sleep content, and happy, and with a cheerful song in my dreamland forecasts.

Although in reality I often get to this point in the evening and think ‘it shouldn’t be just about thinking back over my day and remembering a negative thing, but choosing now to focus on a positive thought process for it, but rather about during the day focusing on making it the best day of my life, with active in the moment reevaluation, for things like ‘this is hard work, but rather than complain or wish for it to end as soon as possible, I choose in this moment to see the positives, the fact that hard work will make me grow, develop, and evolve even, at least in whatever field the work I am doing is in, and to see any watching for the in the moment benefits and joyful angles.

For nothing is ever completely negative, nor is anything completely positive. Even the dropping of bombs on a village of innocent bystanders created a job for a previously hard on his luck bomb builder, and even winning the whole god damn championship with your indoor squash tournament team requires you to listen to a Queen song you may or may not be in the mood for.

I believe it was Confucius who invented that theory after seeing his brother Yin Yang Confucius, hook up with a butter face, which is a derogatory term I do not care for, because butter is delicious, and makes anything better, so a ‘butter face’ should insinuate deliciousness please, and Confucius upon witnessing this hook up heard ‘We will Rock you’ come on the loud speaker, when to his utter dismay, the drum beat got stuck in his head, and he accidently wrote his next three musings in unnecessary iambic pentameter, which were then heard by William Shakespeare who thought ‘wow, if I remove the line ‘Juliet is considered a butter face’ this play might finally make people identify with Juliet a tad more’.

Which brings me to my point – I want to talk about the title for this post right away, without any dillying nor dallying, two things which I have no idea what mean, where they come from, what context were they first coined, whether or not they have alternative meanings - and equally I do not currently feel like pursuing the game ‘I want to do this right away – so I will delay getting there on purpose for comedic possibilities’.

So I wrote the word ‘eleven’ and then I reached for my late night diet soda (caffeine free, because I am healthy).

Also it just occurred to me that I am making this nightly job seem chorey, as I worry too much about it being ‘good’ – it’s not about that Dave, it’s about positivity and having a little free reined silly stream of consciousness outpour of positivity for fucks sake. Maybe I will go back and add in some silliness, nah fuck that.

Oh by the way ‘musing’ was a word coined by Confucius after he got a lame cliché tattoo of like a circle with a black side with a white dot, and then a white side with a black dot and he thought – ‘damn I better come up with some sort of profound meaning for this tattoo or else I’ll end up having to get it covered with a giant tattoo of a game of ping pong’.

Fucking hell – ok, I wrote eleven – then I picked up my late night diet soda (caffeine free because I am healthy, and want to sleep at some point) – then the next word that came into my mouth, via way of my brain, with a quick inspiration session with my tongue was the word ‘lonely’ – after which I thought ‘throw another ‘L’ word in there and ahoy alliteration. And the first L word I thought of was ‘Leper’.

So there you go – that’s where that came from – I don’t actually want to write about lepers, my day included only minor contact with them, and frankly I don’t find them to be that interesting in the long run – although their arm wrestling contests can be good for a laugh. Zing – nah it’s a horrible, tragic disease.

I just read over this getting ready to post – but then I realized I never got around to writing about my actual day – but on the other hand I did realize I wrote ‘whatever field the work I am’ etc and I wanted to throw in ‘oh shit, I didn’t mean an actual “field”, but like whatever job subsector I am in’ and then it occurred to me ‘oh fuck, that’s where that term came from - “what field do you work in”. People in ancient times must have worked in literal ‘fields’ – and now I am thinking that those people must have just stuck in one field their whole days, if not years, on a specific job – no wonder cows were forced to evolve from eating live swamp rats into eating grass – those lazy field workers never shifted across to feed them. Wait, no I didn’t make that up, that’s clearly another awesome Confucius musing.

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