Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Best Day Of My Life Initiative - Twelve Random Words


No, those are not the twelve random words as promised in tonight’s blog’s headlining headline, and not just because that list actually includes fourteen words, something that I would be surprised if anyone took specific note of, but would not be surprised if some people went back on to check. Which is kind of super cool actually. I never really expect my blog to actually garner real proper readers. Perhaps the odd person from time to time, but surely not anyone who would not just read this, but take out extra time to count things. Especially that many things. I mean I can imagine that if I wrote:


And then said to you ‘those are not the twelve random words as promised in this blog’s headline’, well then I could imagine people going back to check and count. Because those are pretty clearly not twelve random words. I mean they could be, if several words thrust together, like India was many years ago, at least fourteen, thrust into China, in an almighty crash, forming the Himalayas, and making geographers go ‘aw man, now I have to redraw all my maps’ – and that is very realistic, because there definitely ARE several words hidden within those three. Words – ‘min’, ‘ante’, ‘red’, ‘vigil’, ‘reaming’, ‘ream’, ‘ ante’, ‘la’, ‘cream’ and ‘igilant’ all being very commonly used and obvious examples, and so if we add those to the original three, then what are we up to? Six or seven at least. Plus, those geographers really did have to redraw their maps; you’re hardly going to want one with India floating around the ocean trying to chat up Papua New Guiney? Are you? So I can believe you’d go back and check on those numbers.

Those yes, but I must now point out that that original list of thirteen words listed above, are not the ones promised in the title, and not just because I say so, but because those aren’t ‘random’ words – In fact they were the very important, first to come to my brain, stream of consciousness words that were put there for a very important mission, to get me close to reaching the end of this blog quickly, so I can go to bed, because even though today was quite plainly the best day of my life, it’s been extremely busy, and tomorrow I must get up at the snap of that sunrise dealy, for an even WAY, WAY, WAY busier day. (We’re filming a webseries, which I am sure I will write more about at some other time – although maybe not, who knows what the hell I am capable of, I am damn crazy!

Still, putting aside my mental wellbeing, I definitely did promise twelve random words in this blog, and I shall not be someone who disappoints, so for the record the twelve random words in this blog post as follows:


And the words on THIS least WERE all added at random, after I wrote the rest of this blog. Merely scattered haphazardly within the body of the text, with very little thought other than, ‘I guess that doesn’t fuck up the original sentence too much’.  And I will be SHOCKED if anyone goes back to check hat those words are really there, let alone count them. Why the hell would anyone? Take a quick read of the post and move on I say.

Ps. That last list only had eleven words, don’t you people pay attention?

Pps. Poor geographers, it probably took them three or four weeks to redraw all those maps! Then again, sometimes your busiest day is the best day of your life initiative. 

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