Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Clear and convenient

Today was the best day of my life, even though I didn’t do a single thing for the fourth time today. I did several things for the third time, two things for the sixth time, and one thing for the first time, which was a little on the nose if you ask me. Question’s being something I only permit twice per visit per friend, so did you really want to ask that?

Now I know what you’re thinking – you have a few questions, and I am happy to answer any and all questions with clear and honest answers.

Q - Why does it matter if you did something for the fourth time?

A - It doesn’t matter. I never said that it did. I merely said that I didn’t do anything for the fourth time today. In fact I have now said that twice.

Q – If it doesn’t matter then why raise it at all, let alone twice?

A – I also said I only answer two questions per friend per visit and one of them was about whether that other thing was on the nose. I never told you to waste your questions.

Q – If that was one of my questions then why wasn’t it broken up into a convenient and clear Q&A format?

A – I’m sorry, that’s another question, and I can’t answer more than two questions per friend per visit.

Q – Well you should have put the first question in a clear and convenient Q&A format!

A – Awesome, that was framed as a statement not a question, good for you, but unfortunately it was put right after a Q, within my clear and convenient Q&A format, you really should save your statements for a statement section.

Q – But you just made a statement, and you’re in the convenient and clear Q&A format too!

A – Ahh but you can make statements in the answer section. In fact to answer a question with a question would make a mockery of the clear and convenient Q&A format.

Q – Ahhh HAH! You answered another question!

A – No I didn’t, yours was a statement, not a question.

Q – But it was after a Q, in the convenient and clear Q&A format.

A – Oh fuck.

Q – You did it again.

A – Oh shit, you’re right. That’s the fourth time I’ve been tricked today. Wait a minute – I did something for the forth time. Yaaayy.

Q – It doesn’t count if it’s in the convenient and clear Q&A format.

A – Oh fuck you, you stickler for rules. Stop being a dick.

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