Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Finest Day of My existence experiment – the dip situation

You know that situation people sometimes find themselves in when they’re on their sofa, like sitting, lying, lounging, or some other position of comfort, and they’re also watching their television that’s positioned conveniently in front of that very same sofa? It’s awesome isn’t it? It’s intensely tremendous even!

I mean think of these facts that we have now established:

-       This person owns at least one piece of furniture.
-       This person owns a television.
-       They have figured out a harmonious spatial relationship between the sofa, the television and possibly even taken into account light sources, the forgotten source.
-       I mean because I could not have referred to their relativity to each other as being ‘convenient’ if the person in this scenario was squinting due to light shining in his/her eyes, or some other form of light interference that said person found inconvenient.
-       So yeah we can totally lose those words ‘possibly even’. This person has absolutely figured out, dealt with, and taken care of business with any light source issues.
-       And if they have done that, then I think it is only natural for us to next be able to conclude that this person has well and truly figured out what they like BBQ sauce on, because this is a man/ woman who understands ‘sauces’, and if they have that under control then I think we can safely determine they are all over the dip situation. Something that goes hand in hand with a variety of snacks to dip deep down within that dip.
-       And they are comfortable, that was stated early on in this piece.
-       And you ain’t comfortable if you are dealing with any sort of physical, emotional or spiritual discomfort.
-       That means this person is almost certainly free of any major skeletal dilapidation, psychological pandemic, or even hereafter skepticism.
-       This person’s life sounds pretty damn wonderful.
-       And we haven’t even gotten to what is on the TV.
-       Which is probably something entertaining, or they’d change the channel, which is an action they were probably not on the midst of seeing as the position of sitting, lying or lounging we know them to be doing.          

Well my day today was sort of like this persons. So I’m gonna jump right out on a limb, wait a moment or two to make sure said limb has no structural weakness which may result in a breakage in any imminent amount of time, and then pronounce confidently and proudly, that today was the best of my life.

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