Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wombat or Saucy Socialist?

Time to play... Wombat or Sensational Saucy Socialist Scandinavian Serendipitous Party Trick? 

You put it in your mouth.... 
You put IT in you mouth....
One last time 
YOU put 'it' in your mouth.... 

Kazaaaaghkhh!!! Awwww. No winners today, but we'll be back again tomorrow. Thanks for playing everyone. Thanks for watching at home. Thanks to my lovely co-host Melon. Thanks to King Jurijg. Thanks to the heavily militarized militia that stalk my subconscious. Thanks to the 17.2% of the world's population who don't know how much to tip their private scalp masseuse. Thanks to my pet Moose. Thanks to miscellaneous millisecond millepedes. Thanks to the crime reporters from the 1820s and their tireless efforts to create a still beloved system of lightening horror with great puns, such as 'Your Chances of Enjoying A Night At The Movies This Weekend Have Been SLASHED' and 'Still Happy That Front Door Locks Have Yet To Be Invented? Find Out Why That's A Brutally Stabbed In The Neck, Skinned, And Then Turned Into Lampshadingly Stupid Thing To Think, Right After This Commercial Break'. Thanks to plastic for still being the world's best substance to make plastic bags out of. Thanks to suitcases for giving us all the opportunity to slyly whisper to someone 'I'm casing this joint' with them knowing full well you may not be planning on robbing the place, but merely planning on burying it in suitcases. Thanks to elaborated practical jokes for being so darn practical, and occasionally even elaborate. Thanks to toiletries for making actual trees feel less subconscious about being what die to make toilet paper. And thanks to moonshine for being the only good thing ever made of moon rocks. 

That's it from us tonight, but please join us again tomorrow for another exciting game of ... Wombat or Sensational Saucy Socialist Scandinavian Serendipitous Party Trick?  

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