Saturday, May 2, 2015

Ooohhh.. Satisfying!

The only way she could escape...

The inferiority 
The insincerity 
The third word starting with i and ending with y that this pattern asks for

Icy perhaps 
Ooohh efficient

Way better than say... Inexplicably  

Was to remember that inferior insincerity is the BEST kind of inferiority 

Way better than say 
Inexplicable iciness 

Which would be something almost impossible to escape from 

Unless she had like a warm coat 
Oooh convenient 

Wait she had a warm coat just ready to go?
Even though the iciness was inexplicable?

She didn't even need to escape did she? 
She planned the whole fucking thing! 
That evil fucking maniac!!

Way better than say...
Being a lazy indiscriminately incensed ill used idly impish ass! 

And let's face it, that where at the top of this story we all thought this girl would end up, right? 

Ooohhh.. Satisfying! 


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