Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Top Ten Things I'd say to David Letterman if...

Top ten things I'd say to David Letterman if post retirement he moves to Sydney and right next door to me 

10. Oh hey.
9. Hello again.
8. Yeah sometimes the lifts take ages, oh wait, I mean elevators.
7. The 7-11 down the road is probably the only thing open now.
6. No that definitely wasn't me, I don't even like Latin Beats 
5. What were Drew Barrymore's boobs like?
4. I've got ten to noon.
3. No number three writers instead made a non verbal eye brow raise matched with friendly smirk in lieu of verbal awkward mutual waiting for elevator small talk.
2. Hi, how are you?
1. Want to do a podcast with me? 

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