Monday, June 15, 2015

Proof Of Hope And Happy Endings

'Oh no'
I thought as I was coming out of my evening slumber. 
I could feel it in my upper left temple.
It was coming.
It was imminent. 
It was horrible. 

A zit was brewing. 
And based on the size of the sore area this was going to be a monster. 

'Will it fit under a hat?' I pleaded.
But no, it was too far down my face.
'I could start leaving my fringe over my forehead?' I reasoned.
But no, I find that mildly annoying. 
It was hopeless. 

I was destined to be a stupid zit head once more. 
Left to scourge the dark alleys to hide my shame. 

But then.
Like a ray of brilliant warming light.
It basked upon me. 

'Oh that's right, late last night while trying to turn on the bathroom light, I friggin' head-butted the corner of the medicine cabinet'

It hurt a lot.
This isn't a zit growing. 
It's just a full on dong smashing my face into furniture bruise. 

And in that moment, my stupid bruised face said it all - hope is there for us all! 

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