Monday, July 20, 2015

Growing - A poem

'Oh I'm swine am I?' Began Craig, upon being called swine by stranger he had just found himself conflicting with, on the subject of whether or not it was appropriate to attempt to summon a demon in a church, whether a genuine attempt to make a connection with a dark spirit from the depths of hell, or merely said as an ironic quip born from an overwhelming assault of God related paraphernalia smashing into the mind of a youthful traveler still new to exploring the many mighty, and astonishingly beautiful, cathedrals of Europe, and steadfast in his desire to find the fun, inspiration and humor in any and all of the new adventures, situations, places, and experiences which had come to consume his entire life and existence.

'Well I'm not a hundred percent sure what that is, but it sounds like a dick thing to say, and you're an ugly old fucking cow, and you can take that fucking nuns outfit and stick it up your untouched snatch'! he continued.

It turned out that his abilities to relate to different types of people, some of whom came from backgrounds and influences with vast contrasts with his own, and to express himself with respect and dignity, had perhaps not yet quite caught up with the open spirit of his new life, and maybe he had just a tad of growing still to do.

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