Saturday, November 28, 2015

Loose - a poem

Peter, a stationary store owner with a back problem, was struggling, and upset, because his masseuse couldn't seem to ever work out all his knots.
One day he came up with a genius idea.
'If I take my skeleton out she'll be able kneed deeper than ever before!'
He whipped it out, drove down to the spa, and spent an hour and a half in massage bliss.
When he got home his wife was furious at him. 
'Is this because while I was getting massaged I now only had one hard part of my body?' He asked.
'No, it's because you left your skeleton in the dishwasher for ME to unload, you know I hate that!'
Then she processed the new information he had given her.
He spent the next seven nights sleeping hanging from a hat rack as punishment.

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