Saturday, November 14, 2015

What are you going to do

Kenny walked to the train station that was located behind the building that sold Grants.

People NAMED Grant that is.

It was NOT a well liked store.

Because some of the Grants had not worked out for the best.

One of the Grants sold there turned out to be irritable. 

Three of them turned out to not like pie, which made them awful company at pie shops, pie festivals and even revealing a of pie charts showing off annual pie sales in various regions. 

Nine of them turned out to be fond of saying 'spoiler alert' only AFTER revealing said spoiler.  

A couple of them turned out to be quick to point out when people had food on their shirt, even at times when clearly there was nothing they could do about it, like when there are no bathrooms, or water fountains, and no one in their party has a bottle of water, at least one that they are willing to give up any of for use as a cleaning product, especially when water really isn't the best thing for cleaning out food stains, depending on the food type of course.

Six of them were women, which in some cases would be preferable to a man, but when you're buying a person named Grant, you're expecting a man, and not getting what you expected is bad service. 

One of them insisted that people call him 'Gra' and when they'd reply 'gre', he'd say '"gre", did I say fucking "gre", it's "Gra", it rhymes with "bra", take the dicks out of your eyes and learn to listen you you fucktard'.

Two of them wore too much cologne. 

One of them added Kenny and a train station to this story for seemingly no damn reason.

It really is a shitty Grant store.

But they have a ten year lease, so what are you going to do? 

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