Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Escaping my hiding place chapter eleven


“No body has ever been thought less of because they were persistent!”

I woke up to soft, gentle, moist lips lightly sucking themselves onto my lower neck, then releasing their grip gradually like a piece of bubble gum off the bottom of a shoe.

As I began to stir from my slumber, the kissing was replaced by a warm body snuggling up behind me. I could feel the firmness of her perfect pert petite breasts squashing up against my back, the tickle of her pubic hair rustling against my naked backside, and the softness of her skin massaging just about every other part of the back half of my body, as she gently rocked me back and forth.

Her arm was over my side and she was playing with my small crop of chest hair. I moved my hand up over the top of her tiny and oh so cute fingers, which she then intertwined with mine and responded with another kiss on my neck.

I smiled and closed my eyes again, determined to let the moment linger for just a brief few seconds more, before opening them again and looking at the alarm clock sitting beside the bed.

“Shit” I said, as I saw the time click over to 9:29pm.

“Do I have to go?” Ellie responded with much more breath than voice

“I think so” I replied “what time does your boyfriend get home tonight again?”

“About ten”

“Damn it……….I guess you better hurry”

“I’m so sorry honey”

“It’s ok sweetie, it’s not your fault”

“Yes it is…….it’s all my fault”

“Well I guess…….but I knew your situation, I didn’t have to agree to go along with it”

I turned to face her and she gave me a deep sensual kiss on the lips.

“You’re so good to me JayJay……….. I’m so lucky to have found you” She said

“I’m lucky to have found you too” I responded

We then looked deep into each others eyes with our foreheads touching, just smiling warmly. After about thirty seconds we started to kiss, softly at first but then harder and deeper, when she suddenly pulled away, with my tongue still submerged deep into her mouth.

“Ok ok ok ok ok” She said “I have to go”

“I know” I replied “Doesn’t mean I have to make it easy for you to leave me”

“Oh hon…….you know it’s never easy to leave you”

I smiled warmly and she pulled herself away from me, got out of bed, and began to get dressed. I just lay in bed and watched her. I always liked to watch Ellie get dressed.

She was wearing a small blue mini skirt and a tight red t-shirt which showed off her amazingly sexy, petite, yet curvy figure. After putting on each item of clothing she stopped and gave me a kiss. Panties – kiss, bra – kiss, skirt – kiss, t-shirt – kiss, sock – kiss, sock – kiss, shoe – kiss, shoe – kiss.

I then walked her to the door holding her hand; but not saying a word. As I opened the door she looked up at me with her amazing puppy dog eyes

“Miss you” she said

“Miss you too” I responded

Then one last kiss and she turned and walked away, stopping only once to turn back towards me just long enough to give a quick finger only wave goodbye.

After she departed I went back inside to contemplate what was happening in my life.

Actually hang on.

I was going to mess with the order of this little tale of mine for a while, but I think I’ve just changed my mind; I can’t suddenly head into a section like this out of the blue. I think maybe I’ll just leave it in for you as a little teaser of things to come. So where was I anyway………..oh that’s right, I’d just re-enrolled in university.

Well suffice to say I actually managed to survive the next few weeks leading up to starting another semester of schooling without having a bath with my toaster. That’s not to say I didn’t spend much of that time in an absolute panic. And I can’t promise I was my usual careful self when crossing the road in front of semi trailers, but I did make it to registration week unscathed.

After getting lost on campus for about three hours, waiting in the wrong long, long lines four times, then asking advice from people who were in no position to give it; and successfully not managing to talk to any other students all day, I finally walked off campus back to the train station holding a class schedule. This schedule included three subjects (figured that way I could still fuck up as badly as last time and still be allowed one more semester).

Those subjects were ‘Nature Photography’ (chosen because I figured nature photography might include lots of time in nature, and therefore not in the class room, ‘landscape drawings’ (ditto), and ‘Cartooning” (well I explained before my natural ability in this one)…. (Wow that was very un-modest of me, see how much I have grown!).

The morning of my first class I was the most nervous I had been since hiding under a cling wrap machine while nine year olds vandalized a factory. Mostly I was just nervous about being thrown straight into the social aspects, which are especially forced in the first week or two. Then I reminded myself “you’re going back there to add some human contact in your life, so grow up you little fuckwitt”.

So I psyched myself up and made my grand entrance. My first class was a practical for my cartoon course, so it was only a smallish classroom. I walked in and the tables were all huge and had drawing paper on them, and the walls were lined with thousands of pictures of all sorts of cartoon characters; Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Tom and Jerry, Captain America, Donald Duck, and many, many more.

There were only three other people in the room when I came in. All girls sitting in the middle chatting away, I don’t think they even noticed me coming in. I took a position in the back right corner which allowed me to watch as the class filled up. In the end seventeen people came in.

Out of seventeen, eleven of them were girls “yes! Great ratio” I thought as they walked in, and obviously six boys, when including me. It was a strange looking bunch, there was a girl with dreadlocks and about five girls with a prominent piercing or tattoo, there were your usually preppy polo shirt wearing students, there was a really slutty looking girl wearing a midrift exposing singlet that barely covered her breasts and tiny, tiny shorts (who likes short shorts…..I like short shorts), and then there were several slobish looking people, including myself.

About ten of the other people set themselves together in groups of three or four, chatting together like they had been friends for years, but obviously weren’t because I heard several of them introducing themselves, so that I could be consumed with jealousy for their confidence. The rest of us knew no one and talked to no one however, so I wasn’t the only one sitting alone looking uncomfortable at least. Then eventually the teacher came in.

The teacher was the biggest nerd I have ever seen. He was about as skinny as toothpick. He had no jaw and a massive overbite. He had a rapidly receding hair line which he made no attempt to cover up or shape into any style. He had a tie with Beavis and Butthead on it, and he actually had a pocket protector in his shirt pocket (I honestly thought they were just invented for the movie the revenge of the nerds!).

He walked into the room with a huge bag over his shoulder. Quickly without saying a word he climbed up onto the desk at the front as. Everyone in the class suddenly moved into their seat and sat quietly. After about thirty seconds with no one saying a word, he suddenly put his arms on his hips and looked up to the ceiling on his right.

“I AM TEACHERMAN” he yelled




“Hey I like this guy” I thought.

He then leaped to floor and picked up his big bag, then opened it up and ran up and down the isles pouring its contents all over the floor. It was comic books! More comic books than a comic book store. Every type imaginable!

Pretty much everyone in the class began to giggle as he did this. He then leaped back onto the desk in a single bound.

“YOU’RE TASK FOR TODAY!” he yelled


There was a bit of a murmur and a pause before everyone started to sort through the pile and make selections. I chose a ‘Ducktales’ comic and proceeded to draw quite a good attempt at an Uncle Scrooge.

Meanwhile ‘Teacherman’ was walking around the class, occasionally stopping to give people advice or just ask their names. By the time he was up to me I had drawn Uncle Scrooge, Huey, and Dewy and was just about to draw Luey. He stood over my shoulder starring at me working the whole time I drew Luey, which made me very nervous, which of course made Luey my worst drawing so far.

“Shit…you fucking idiot” I thought to myself

“What’s your name?” Teacherman asked me

“Jason” I replied

“I’m John…nice to meet you Jason”

“You too”

“You know you have some real talent there…..keep going”

“Thanks sir”

“I didn’t say my name was sir, I said John, we just have fun here, no formalities”

“Ok Si…..John”

“Wow, he said I was talented, no one has ever said that to me, about anything!” I thought to myself as he moved onto another student.

By the time the class was finished I had drawn a good fifteen different comic characters and was feeling pretty damn good about myself, but then I didn’t know what was about to happen.

When I was on my way out I happened to make eye contact with the girl with dreadlocks. She smiled at me. So I smiled back.

“I like your hair” She said to me.

“Ok now what the fuck is going on is this some cruel hidden camera TV show where people give you compliments, then suddenly some bastard jumps out and says ‘sucked in you’re on ‘Arsehole Camera’, and in fact you’re still a complete loser’?” I thought

“Oh thanks………………you too” I finally replied.

What a great first class. I felt on top of the world. The best thing was the whole rest of the first week kept along this path.

For my drawing class they just let us to go anywhere we wanted on campus, and to draw anything we wanted, as long as it was from a distance. Same again for photography, just chucked us cameras and said go and take photos. I also had several more semi decent exchanges with other students. It was all moving along swimmingly, like some talented athlete in the Olympics, well maybe not quite that good, but not drowning at least, which is what I usually would have done in a pool of water such as this.

In fact I only had one really uncomfortable experience in the whole first week. I was walking around campus minding my own business on a sunny afternoon, as I tended to do. When suddenly I heard a voice behind me!

“Jason……………… Jason Domey right?”

I swung around to see standing right in front of me a girl from high school that I had had a huge crush on; Stephanie! Steph and I had actually sat next to each other in English. Well that’s what I used to think anyway. In actual fact I sat all alone. The class room was in a horseshoe shape, and I sat on the left end. Of course in a full class room with a horseshoe shape, someone has to sit next to you.

So to my real joy it ended up being Stephanie. I had a crush on Steph about the size of an Olympic pool, mostly because she had breasts so big she would struggle to swim in any pool without them dragging along the bottom.

My crush may have been basically about her breasts; however that wasn’t the only thing I liked about her. After one had starred at her breasts for a while, one is bound to realize that one should better look somewhere else, at least briefly. Which lead me to occasionally find my eyes drift up and look directly at her face, and she had one of the most gorgeous smiles I had ever seen. Could light up any outdoor pool, if anyone was actually looking at it, and not her breasts! (Ok I’ll stop with the pool analogies now - that’s what I get for trying to write while the swimming’s on TV)

She even sometimes said hello to me, one of only two or three girls in the school to give that a go from time to time. Unfortunately of course, she didn’t sit there to sit next to me. She sat there because the next seat along was where her boyfriend sat!

His name was Stone! That was his actual name, the name his parents had given him! I always wondered how they had seen their little baby, all so cute and vulnerable, and so accurately picked what his brains would be like. They should be psychics. They could go from hospital to hospital helping parents name their children based on what they would eventually turn out like. And it could be like “here you go Mr and Mrs Condor, here is your baby girl whom I have named slutty! Or here you go Mr and Mrs Peterson, here is your cutie pie baby boy whom I have named Pedophile Priest, or as I like to call him PeePee!”

So anyways, Steph came up to me and said hello. Despite my excellent social skills which had been developing all week, I reverted back to highschool me. So our conversation went along the lines of this

“Hi” I replied

“How have you been? I haven’t seen you in ages”

“Not bad”

“Cool….I’ve been great….University is going fantastic….I have a new really cute boyfriend….his name is Bruiser (“are you fucking kidding me” I thought)….I think he might be the one”

“That’s good”

“So what are you studying?” she asked


“Cool…I’m doing law; can you believe Stephanie Moore is going to be a lawyer?”

“Nup” I replied, not so much because I couldn’t believe it, more because it was the most fitting one word answer I could come up with

“Heeeeeey………….oh well I guess I deserve that…..I was a bit of a scatter brain at school”


“So what else have you been doing with yourself?”


“Are you working too?’


“Play any sports these days?”


“Are you enjoying art?


“Oh fuck, I better come up with more than a one word answer to one of these questions soon” I thought

“Still see anyone from school?” she asked


“Fuck another one worder” I thought

“Really……… one?” she asked

“Not if I see them first!”

“Oh fuck that’s a really lame joke” I thought

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha” she genuinely laughed hard

“Why is she laughing so hard? Oh Fuck! I hate it when someone laughs at a joke which is patently not funny! That joke is so fucking old and over done, surely she has heard that before, she was probably even thinking it, but didn’t say it because it was so corny and terrible and certainly not worth a mention. So why the hell is she laughing so hard? It must be one of three things, 1. Maybe it actually is funny, so does that mean I can actually adlib hilarity and cause random people to fall into fits of laughter, only I have completely lost the ability to figure out myself what I have said is funny, therefore rendering this quite a desirable ability useless, and even makes it a handicap, because now I have to question everything I ever have the urge to say, even more so than usual, in case I say something hilarious right at the time it’s the least appropriate, or when I am trying to be genuine or sweet and I’ll get passed off as a class clown, and no one will ever take me seriously. 2. Maybe she is just humoring me, in which case she doesn’t like me at all, and is just taking the piss out of me. And if she is doing this, maybe everyone I have ever talked to has only done so to take the piss, and therefore I am even a bigger joke than even at my most pessimistic I thought I was! 3. She is some kind of lunatic who just laughs at everything, like she’s high on some fucked up drug from the sixties, and if I spend anymore time in her company she will slowly drag me down to her mental inadequacies, and I’ll be trapped walking around like some six year old school girl, just giggling to myself always, until eventually they lock me up in some mental institution where people eat their own poo, then lick your face!” I thought to myself, while starring at the top of the one hair on her head which was out of whack with the rest, just one strand which frizzed upwards. Finally I looked back down at her face. She was scowling.

“Well better get back to class” She said, before scurrying off quickly.

I don’t know if you have noticed yet, but I can sometimes have a tendency to over analyze things.

So anyways apart from that little encounter with Steph, my first week back as a student went pretty much ok, and then I pretty much settled into College life really well, and even quite enjoyed it sometimes. Art was such a better school for me to be involved with, I liked the teachers better, I liked the students better and I liked the work better, and subsequently I liked life better!

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