Sunday, January 3, 2010

How Obama has let me down.... BADLY

Because I haven’t been involved in a single orgy this year, NOT ONE!!!! Can you believe that?

I'm serious, not even one.

Which is of course weird as I am sure you all agree because Barrack Obama was supposed to be the new JFK so 2009 should have been the new 1969, we should have had a summer of love, we should have had a year of LSD and debauchery. Come on people. Obama has been in for ages already, let’s start the fucking. When we are at war (and you know environment and economy stuff) we need to show our support by fucking for no reason other than the fact that fucking is fun. (Does this count as a political blog? Cause I don't want to write those)(If this blog makes you question your political thinking please think of something else please)(back to the main point now)

New JFK = Orgies!!!! Surely

And I haven't been in a single orgy since Obama has been in (or ever for that matter Fuck you Bush and Clinton and even first Bush even though if I'd been in an Orgy when he was in I would have been getting raped by pedophiles) and their Aussie equivalents Howard and Rudd and the other one before Howard, whats his name, fuck you. Good leadership means people fucking girls with unshaven underarms, we ALL know that.

Now for something SHOCKING (capitals means its REALLY shocking) (same as in the title for this blog, it was BADLY (the way Obama let me down that is))

JFK wasn’t the president for the summer of love, it was Nixon!!!!!! That guy from that movie with Frosty the snow man or whatever.

We didn’t want the new JFK, we wanted the new Nixon!!!!!!

The lesson is get these orgies happening right now or the new Nixon is coming people, coming like a storming stampede of doing stuff that people will end up not liking but will still remember fondly cause of all the fucking they were doing.

By the way if you're a bi-curious girl too scared to take the leap, try getting oral sex from a guy with long hair and use a little imagination, oh wait, I have long hair, how fortuitous

I love looking at the bobbing top of a girls head, cause that means, you know, she's working it, down there, scrubbing the floor

True story: If you have a fetish for Japanese School Girls you are 72% more likely to develop a rare Malaysian genital fungi in old age, be careful while fucking please

And now some stuff I've drawn recently photographed in random spots in my room (you might need to go into my photos section so you can see them big enough to read - thats the full on top notch checking out my pictures experience)

Now I can't find the chord thingy to get photos from camera into my computer, damn it

Here we go (I'm actually writing this bit BEFORE I've found the chord, thats called optimism, hell yeah (it just took me three tries to spell called, and then I just spelled took talk and then spell spil, fuck me, plus I always am adamant that spelled is spelled spelt, what the hell is going on here)

Oh here is the cord (it was right next to me under a pillow) (see not all my thoughts are fucked in the head! I think)

This is not a photo of a drawing, but a photo of me!!!!! (grrrr)

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