Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Are you trying to buy my book (thankyou so much)

If you are I appreciate it more than I could possibly express.

However just to make things hard (small time publishing sucks)

Don't buy it on Amazon. Turns out to sell my book on Amazon I have to pay for it to be shipped from Melbourne in me in LA, then I have to ship it to Kentucky, then they have to ship it to you, then they take like 60% of the price, leaving me with about a $25 loss every time I sell one, which I was willing to cop for a while (I really want people to read this thing - plus most people who read it seem to really like it, I've sold about a thousand and gotten mail from probably 150 people telling me how much they loved it, which is by far my favorite 150 letters and emails ever!!!! and I was hoping for that word of mouth dealy) but for now its just too much.

However, in November last year I instructed book sellers to drop the recommended retail price in half, down to 15.99 (Aussie dollars - cheap!) and already, only four months later I have finally found a company who have taken this on board! Yay, how good are book sellers!!!

Below is their link (not sure if they ship world wide, I think they do, but they don't make it obvious on the site, I mean seriously, how good are book sellers!!!!)

So I hate pitching myself, but regardless I have complete respect for people who support independent artists, and I personally have a dedication that when (if?)(please god!) I make it I will be doing all I can to help other artists get their work out there, it was the whole goal of Fleeting Forever when I began it, unfortunately I don't have any pull to help anyone really yet, but I believe that the problem with the arts across all genres is the talent no longer rises to the top, because the business side is so tough, and creative minds don't work well at this. Anyway, the point is there is a lot of unfound talent out there and I want to find it and expose it. Which is all to say a purchase of my book hopefully will lead to helping others too.

Fuck I feel like an asshole for saying that.

Some people really like my book, I'd like you to also.


Oh, and tell me about talent you know about that isn't getting exposed, best way for us all to help each other is to talk about each other :)


Oh also if you're in Australia all book shops can at least order it in for you, most Borders and Angus and Robertsons have it, some independent book shops have it, some Dymocks have it, and if they are charging above $15.99 ask if they can check with the distributors on the cost, because that is the correct cost.

Plus I wanted to make the price an even $32 when it was released and now an even $16, because its time the 99c madness ended, but they wouldn't let me. Revolution is a slow process :(

The meaning of life is coming later today, and it will change your LIFE!!!!!

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