Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What’s the worst that could happen?

There is nothing worse than losing faith, and seeing as we had printer issues and didn’t end up doing the Magical Questionnaire on the show last week, here is a ‘what is the worst?’ that could happen review dealy of the responses. For these please meet my evil twin, Massively Immoral Dave MID (parents of twins where one is Massively Immoral are often also the unimaginative type’s, and in this scenario this is what I am suggesting, make believe is fun).

Fuck you’re a tool! Shut up Massively Immoral Dave, you haven’t been introduced yet. Hey Weird Except Basically Moral Yet Sort Of Crazy Dave, or HWEBMYSOCD which is a crap name so why don’t we actually make it Dave’s Actually Moral because that makes DAM which is a nickname you’ve sort of being working on for yourself after having it coined for you in Amsterdam, which is actually kind of nice of me, but that’s how someone Massively Immoral works, we’re sort of nice AND THEN we get you, ha ha, I don’t live by the rules. Rules are for cunt holes, like you, cunt hole Dam. Ok Mid, you don’t have to live by the rules, and you can now do this what’s the worst that could happen dealy. I will, plus I de-sharpened all your pencils, suck it bitch.

What's something you've had faith in at some point of your life and lost?

Some people in my life.

Oh yeah, I lost faith in some people in my life once. One was this guy Patrick, he was a god dam Homeopath. So like I meet him right, he goes I’m Patrick, I’m a Homeopath, and I am like hell yeah motherfucker, that’s fucking awesome we should hang out some time later. Yeah that’s right, I am massively immoral, so you better believe I have no problem fucking the shit out of someone in a homosexual way EVEN though I barely know them, and then getting into some hardcore sociopath type activities. I mean a homosexual sociopath and someone who is the massively immoral genetic equal of his actually moral brother, THAT is a combination ready to take over the fucking underworld. Which is even better than taking over the world because if you take over the world you have probably got to deal with like famine and shit, and an immoral motherfucker like me doesn’t deal with social causes so the underworld kicks ass, plus I was ready to do some over the top sociopath type shit, which is something really goddamed noticeable if you rule the whole fucking world which I think puts to rest the argument for taking over the underworld rather than the world world. Like for example I had plans to be a tyrant of some description, cause that sounds cool, and I was going to like put mothballs in some strangers car so it would smell all mothbally, and like go to a canteen and like fuck a teenager and when the teen’s parents called the cops I would be like its can-teen, as in Can fuck teens here bitch, that’s the kind of immoral literalist I like to be. So then Patrick shows up and it turns out he is NEITHER a homosexual OR a sociopath, in fact a homeopath is some sort of doctor or some shit, and apart from the fucking lying in name of his the profession he chooses to represent himself by, and of course lying is fucking awesome, but like helping people in a medial way is NOT how this immoral scumfucking cunt holes, no sir bob (which is a guy I fucked in a totally ethically corrupt way). So yeah I lost faith in Patrick (plus that’s a guy I knew who abused at cat, and even immoral as fuck me thinks that’s fucked). I lost faith in him big time and because of that I never did mothball some cunts car, and I will NEVER forgive Patrick for that. (I might mothball his car for revenge).

More to come.

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