Thursday, June 28, 2012

Would you read this?

It has come to that wonderful time once more - I am about to publish a new book! Yay. I am currently at the phase of deciding what it's going to look like, and what will be written on the book, and I humbly request your opinion. Below is my tittle, and then first draft back cover blurb, what do you think? Be honest please. Too long? Too short? Too obscure? Not enough detail? Too much detail? Not funny enough? Trying too hard? Too negative? I know you don't know the book yet, so this is the stuff that hopefully will make people pick it up in a store/ download it, so whatever your impression of what the book probably is would be welcome right now. Thankyou.


The disaster that was my foolish year desperately trying to finally overcome being that weird, short, fat, shy, penisless, quiet loser you used to pick on in school

David Tieck

David Tieck has lived a life exploding with embarrassment, and resulting in a memory that has long been his worst enemy. If he is destined to ever truly be happy, then something had to change.

The plan was simple; David would take on challenges and adventures, each inspired by one of his most excruciating memories, and by letting the bad provoke the good he could finally be thankful for his past. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, pretty much everything.

In this uproarious memoir, David tries to hold it all together, while trying to scrounge out and meticulously study his every humiliating memory, all as things begin spiraling out of control, adventures give way to desperate attempts to boast, laughter turns to tears, self loathing sessions elongate, love dies, dreams die, friends, opportunities and passions are lost, and bridges are burned.

Darkly revealing and told with outlandish honesty and eccentric humor, David let’s us know just what it’s like to deal with a past of being the smallest, latest developing, most bullied, shyest, oddest, least popular, most self sabotaging kid, who oozed with problems in every department of his physical, mental and sexual development, all while failing at seemingly every attempt to make things better.

You’ll laugh and you’ll cringe, but if you relate to this book, please seek professional help, or at least find someone to give you a hug.  David is offering - well, exploding with need for one himself.

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  1. This is truly a mental floss murder without the water mystery. I have not been you but I'm striving and the yous are finding me in every facet of my wanna be the person I'm not life without me.
    I'd hug you but I'm married to myself and can't get the trash out on time to be the man in this relationship. Ha..your funny to imagine in 3d..;/ looove the imagery. You go girl!