Sunday, January 5, 2014

Up to me to fix yet another problem, with an obvious solution

Once again it's left up to me to fix the world, ok here goes:

Problem: Rappers are always trying to tell people they are actually intellegent and that they want respect for this.

Rappers also always spell their own names in their songs; it’s the S to the N to the double O double P.

Solution: Hey rappers name yourself something really hard to spell, and still spell your name in your songs, that’ll show people you’re intelligent rappers.

MC Absorbent
Lil’ Pharmaceutical
Martyr Mannequin
Sauerbraten Subterfuge
DJ Euthanasia
Chateaux Succinctly
Dr. Ricocheting off a Rudimentary Reminiscent Sacrilegious Rendezvous MC Jnr

Now, actually write some lyrics that don’t seem to have been written by a horny, violent, uneducated, misogynist 12 year old, and respect is on your way. That, or just bang Taylor Swift, that’ll probably work too.

Please note: 
1.     Yes I did have to Google ‘hard to spell words’ to write this
2.     I actually like some of those names, copy write, David Tieck 
3.     I miss-spelled 'intelligent' above, did you catch it
4.     I can spell my name too, T to the I to the motherfucking E  to the C K motherfuckers
5.     I also get accused of Misogyny sometimes, nice to have you in the club Rappers, I don’t deserve it though, so how do I get out of this club?
6.     Apparently Taylor Swift doesn’t actually put out, so good luck


  1. You're a G to the E to the mother-flippin' N and a fart blossomin' IUS!!!!

  2. You're a legend Mr Tubbs, but based on my regular blog comments where is your link to 'we buy gold'