Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Speed blog


I don’t have enough time these days to blog as often as I would like, which is why I have come up with this idea – speed blogs. I am going to give myself a time period of mere minutes to write a blog, I don’t get a second longer, and I don’t get to go back and edit. The content will come from grabbing a random word from a book and going. Here is my first go. It’s 2:53 am, I need to go to sleep, I might make this first experiment a mere 2 minutes. Not might, am. Stop delaying the start David, trust yourself, you’ll come up with something. Shut up Dave, just do it

Word - Care.

‘I do care about the underground, I swear to god I do, the underground matters to me’
‘it doesn’t sound like it, Ive seen you above ground three times this week, care my ass’
‘I do care, I promise, I only went above ground for food, and a few breaths of fresh air’!
‘Ah huh, fresh air? No true undergrounded would ever want fresh air.

Are yeah, wombats sure do know how to argue. Surprisingly good English skills too.

Boom – 2 mins. Well 2 minutes and ten seconds. Plus all this time I am wasting now. Time I could have potentially better used trying to spot wombats aboveground. I have always a suspected they're secretly planning an assault on the mainstream.

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