Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The best Day of my existence constitution – and in triumph we miss

A wise man once said:

'Nobody knows everything'.

Or in its full unedited uncut unabridged brilliance:

'How can you truly say that you know more about everything than any other person knows about anything or ever will know about something unless you're willing to accept that everything is nothing when compared to something that looks like nobody knows everything about nothing when taking into account where ships are built before they sail into the never know of mystery and opportunity before highlighting to foreverness of the something that was forgotten in the everything lost from anything, wait, um… what did you ask, oh yeah yeah yeah, I will take fresh pepper’.

The lesson is that people should edit down to not just a sound bite but to the core of the message:

‘No body cares where a ship is built, only where it sails’.

Oh fuck, I think I accidently actually stumbled onto some genuine wisdom. Whoops. I was just dicking around. Hmmm, maybe it’s cause:

‘Today was the best… etc of my life whatsy’.

Oh fuck, yet more wisdom. I better go to bed before I change the fucking world.

Oh fuck.

‘I better go to bed before I change the fucking world’.

Would be an awesome name for a novel. I guess I got to write that one too. I am a busy, busy boy. I’m just bloody happy that I know everything.

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