Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The best day of my life philosophy - at the yacht club

I'm feeling very philosophical this evening. Possibly because I've been talking philosophical things all evening, and listening to some philosophy podcasts the past couple of days, and possibly because the core idea behind taking a moment or seventy-four each day to think and write about my day as if it's the best of my life is a philosophical master stroke, even if I like to let that manifest itself in absurdist and surreal tangents, and/or silly jokes. 

It's possibly all of those things, and yet remarkably in reality it's none of them, which is like an oxymoron and/ or a perfect representation of basic probability mathematics. 

The real reason that I'm feeling philosophical is because I've had an epiphany and/ or been hit in the head with a brick and am currently in a coma.  

You see at some point in the past 24 hours, I was feeling anxious, as bloody usual, but then I stopped, and suddenly found myself standing in an art gallery, and every art work was brilliant, beautiful, detailed, unique, creative and wonderful. Only I wasn't in any art gallery I was just stopping, looking absolutely anywhere and taking in the entire frame of my vision and treating it as art, discovering the art, being overwhelmed and inspired by the art! 

Please note I have not consumed a drop of alcohol and/ or any type of pharmaceutical this year. So yeah it's the brick right? Or a rock possibly? A yacht mast? I'm open minded. 

Since enjoying the first of these art world of my present environments I've looked at dozens more, and they remain remarkable, each and every one of them. 

Maybe a car battery? A meteorite? A really, really, really stale loaf of bread? 

The point is I love the grammatical tool 'and/ or' - it's so underrated. It makes every statement undeniably true and/ or profoundly brilliant, and that's the kind of probability math that makes me excited by life. Man, I don't think I need ever be bothered by anything again. 

By the way, why is it always 'a' coma, not 'the' coma or multiple comi? Damn narrow minded bullshit. 

An anvil? A baseball bat? A sperm whale carcas? 

(But no, seriously, it's a gift, give it a go). 

Ps there's a guy on the bus in front of me wearing a hat that says 'freedom' but the font makes it read 'pre-cum'. The worlds great :) 

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