Thursday, February 26, 2015

Best long days

Lessons from an epic day on the road 

- Long tiring days on the road are tiring. 
- I bet before music was invented it was super tedious being in the car all day.
- Why isn't it spelled 'teedius'. 
- spellcheck isn't at all helpful when you're intentionally misspelling a word. 
- huoppjhf
- See!
- Turns out seeing baby Emus is more adorable than roadkill kangaroo.
- Turns out having a fun idea for something to film in front of a roadkill roo makes it so you basically never see one again. 
- Yep, I think I saved the lives of hundreds of Roos today. 
- Video to come. 
- Turns out really hot sun can make you feel really hot. 
- I'm really tired. 
- I wonder if my only sleeping being short and in the car contributed. 
- Today was the best... Etc. 
- I need to sleep. 
- Long tiring days on the road are tiring. 

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