Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Awesomenessous day of my life wow - double down delirium

Today was the Best day ever of my life because I ordered Thai food, and just to add to the excitement, nah obliterate the excitement, they gave me twice as many spring rolls as I ordered. That's almost double! Wow.

Normally you get four but I got eight! Just to put that in context consider these fun facts, or as I call them Enjoyment Truths: 

- Four is a number routinely identified by its numerical value, where as in contrast eight is a number consistently identified by its numerical value.
- If you thought you were going to have a four day week but instead had an eight day week you've gone from thinking you were going to die late midweek, to being magic! 
 - If you're about to get your friends sloppy fourths but end up with sloppy eighths you're probably at an interesting party.
- In tennis you sometimes get fifteen points for one point, that's pretty sweet. 
- The phrase 'eight times a'quandry' is wildly popular world wide, where as 'four time a'parade' is hugely insulting to fresh water river eels. 
- Eight is twice as many as four, that's almost double!
- Wow.

So was today the Best day of my life? Hell Yeah it was! 

Ps. Anyone coming over to my place in the next couple of days there's four spring rolls in the fridge, help yourself I don't really want them. 

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