Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Best Day Of My Life Undertaking – therefore and existence

Today was the best day of my life, and as I write these illustrious words I have come to a time in my existence where I have noticed something about what is going on in the actuality of reality and come to an awesome conclusion based on the events which took place today. Before I come to that though I should mention some of what happened during my day.

-       I ate some delicious food and found it to be delicious.
-       I bought a second hand book of poetry and found it to be poetic.
-       I played some guitar and found it to be guitarlly.
-       I walked to the local shops and found them.
-       I had some frustrations and found them frustratingly.

Yes that’s right, four out of five things today played out exactly as they should have based on the pattern as developed above. And yet, yet, the one that fucked up was the only one where I literally ‘found’ something. And yet the things I found where things I already knew existed, and where they were, and who owned them, so I didn’t have to hand them into the lost and found.

Yes that’s right, the actuality of reality I came upon today is obvious – the words ‘actuality of reality’ are an awesome combination, and nothing is really ever found, and therefore nothing is really ever lost, and therefore I am right where I was meant to be. Woah.

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