Friday, January 30, 2015

The Preeminent Era of My life project – a delivery system of genius

Today was the best day of my life, because I had a huge realization, which lead to an idea, which was followed by a rather charismatic ‘uh-huh’ moment.

You see today I had to pick something up. Now normally when you pick something up your focus tends to be on picking stuff up, but because I am sweet and awesome, I can’t just think about myself, I have to also think about people who aren’t affected by my actions in anyway, but yet also have a relationship with what I am up to in a close enough way for me to be inspired enough to have them pop up in my mind.

Today, for me, that was the good people who partake it, and in fact the very notion of - delivery.

Now because I am a sweet and awesome fellow, I can’t just think about delivery when I think about delivery, I must also think about a concept which although is not exactly the same as what I am thinking about, is still close enough for me to be inspired for it to come into my mind.

Today, for me, that was the very respectable idea, and in fact the very notion of – delving.

I have often found myself delving in my life, into science, into history, into the constitutions of small island nations, into media studies, into snow banks, into top secret and highly delicate nuclear arms treaties, into a pile of fries, if it can be delved into, well then, delve I do, I delve into delving as often as anyone ever can.

Today, however, while thinking about picking my thing up, which lead to thinking about delivering things, which made me think about delving into stuff, it occurred to me that while most people who delve do so with hope and desire to extract things, information, knowledge, opportunity, snow particles, free nukes, fries – I don’t do this.

Because I am a sweet and awesome chap, and can’t think of just myself, I need to do more than extract, and also do something near enough to what I am thinking about, but close enough for it to pop into my head, which is why when I delve, I also hope to add stuff.

Today, for me, this insight led to a decision, I decided that I will no longer be delving into anything, and instead will take that time I normally delve, and switch it up and delve into a little bit of delivery.

I am going to deliver into machinery, into hope, into boxes of chocolates, into anthropology, into my subconscious, into trash heaps, into humanity, I am going to delve into delivering my ass off. I am not even going to deliver neatly; I am going to cram, shove, push, pack and even thrust stuff into anything I can get my hands on, I just want to deliver the fuck into life.

Today is the best day of my life, because I am about to deliver some kick ass shit to the world, and because I am sweet and awesome, even to my own brain. This is finally the delivery of genius!

Please note: Today’s blog was in no way inspired or in reference to the fact that the thing I was picking up today was 2500 post cards advertising my upcoming Adelaide Fringe Festival show where it turns out I had accidently used the word ‘delivers’ where I totally meant to use the word ‘delves’.

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