Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Best Day project of my life – existing royal elegance

Today was the best day ever, because I got an awesome offer, the kind of offer few are ever offered, a special unique offer, and it was offered to me! Awesome.

Yep, I got offered to join the Castlewood Estate Residents Group!

Yes me!

How awesome does that sound? Well it's even better than you think, which I assume is already awesome, but check this out:

- It’s in Castlewood, which guarantees there will be a castle!
- And wood!
- Or at least wood found in a castle some place.
- Possibly somewhere known for its castles!
- Or its wood!

- It's an estate, which is what you leave behind when you die! Along with a corpse, and the smell of a corpse. And yet

- It's a residency, which is where people live! Which is the opposite of death.
- Which is paradoxical.
- And paradoxical things are awesome.
- They make life worth living.
- And living is one of the best things you can do while you’re alive.

- And it's a group, which is a congregation of people
- Or collection of something else in group form.
- And 'something else' could be people!

Yep it was one of the best offers I've had in ages.

Ok, in the end it turned out to just be a mistake, but in the meantime... Wow what a ride!

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