Saturday, March 7, 2015

An inspirational option

Trashed. On the side of the road. Discarded. No longer needed. 

This is what I saw. 

A baby stroller and an old person walker. Both cast aside literally, to the side of the road.

The reality of the situation obvious to all. A baby has murder suicided with its granny. Tragic. 

But then a burst of optimism. At least from us given the gift of the bright side. The lining of silver. 

Perhaps the truth was actually something wonderful. A Granny, proud and wise, sees her grandchild grow up and grow out of the stroller and inspired she screams 'I too shall cast aside my aid of transportation, walker be gone!'


You know till she falls down and breaks a hip, and in an act of surrender and revenge murder suicides with the shitty little kid. 

Ah, optimism is awesome. 

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