Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Watching the pretty sounds

I'm a people watcher. As many people are. I'm also an eavesdropper. Because people say stuff, and stuff is often funny, and interesting, and profound. 

'Did you hear what Bill said?' You'll often hear people ask. 
'What?' Will happily come the reply. 
'Stuff' will come the answer. 
'Stuff? STUFF? I missed fucking STUFF? Nooooooo' will ALWAYS be the next thing said.  

And yet, yet eavesdropping has none of the respect that people watching has. Even though, and this is a fact, some people were people watching some people once, saying 'this is awesome, we're totally watching these people' and it turned out, and again this is fact, that the people they were watching, unbeknown to the watches, had had an awkward stage in their teens. 

I'm serious. 

But the people watchers were clueless. Why? Cause they didn't also eavesdrop. 

Ok, swell. We've established that eavesdropping can be swell. Well get this, I overhead some shit today, not intentionally, it just sort of happened. But this was it, this is all from different parties/ people over the course of thirty minutes or so. 

Ok, so I've reached where I meant to start, Overhead back to back today:

'If you play piano EVERYONE in England LOVES you'?
'What like sex toys?'
'Let's just say I'm really sore today'
'She left me with the bill as well' 
'Yeeeeaaah, I average eight a day'
'And he's raping the boy aged eleven'

Yep. Boom. Today was the best day of my life. 

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