Friday, April 17, 2015

Labels man, labels

Labels are damaging man. Labels. 

Like think of 'acid rain'. Sounds awfully awful. But if you look at the reality of it, it turns out that the truth is that acid rain is merely poison falling from the sky killing everything and anything on the surface of the earth, both animal and plant, and yet fertilizing mole people plans to finally open a disco. 

But because of a accusatory label we barely even notice this horribly delightful truth. Mole people... at a disco! They'll be dancing! There may be hula hoops! There will be nothing to eat, as all the plant and animal life is dead, so they'll have to take appetite suppressing supplements like speed and quaaludes! There may even be Jive talkin'! That's freaking adorable. 

But we fear acid rain because of Labels man. Labels. 

I bet I could come up with a label right now that, and because it's a label it will automatically be damaging. 


Acid Fog. 

Ok, so it will also most likely merely be a delightful rolling grounded highly toxic cloud that kills all the surface animal and plant life, strips skin of all its natural glow and melts eye-balls. But it is bound to also fertilize the mole people's desire to embrace pop-art. 

Mole people... with bright colors! Where'd they even find the paint? The adorable questions are practically endless! 

But we'll never see it. Because of labels man. Labels. Oh and/ or because we'll be dead and/ or have had our eyes melt out because of highly poisonous weather systems. Labels man, labels.  I fucken' hate labels. 

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