Friday, April 24, 2015

Things I'd rather do than other things

Today is the best day of my life people, and I'll tell you why - there are certain things in life... in fact, just to detour slightly, I think life is MOSLTY made up of things, sometimes people even say things like 'if it's not one thing it's another' which just proves my theory, that just about anything that is something to you is a thing and together those things make up EVERYTHING. There really should be a word that encapsulates all that. 

Which brings me to a new theory - there are certain things in life where the thing you want isn't one of the things that are available to you, and the things that are available are not necessarily the things that would be your first choice of things, which means sometimes you just have to play:


- I'd rather pretend to be a bulldog that's uncontrollably incensed in its anger, so much so that it's barking is out of control, it's teeth exposed, it's rabidness so intense that observers are sure it's been possessed by the devil all overflowing with a twenty hour growling tirade towards Mt Fuji... Than eat Mt Fuji. 
- I'd rather go into major debt, including selling my beloved rare
Oatmeal Cookie recipe collection, and sinking it all into opening a store that is dedicated, and steadfastly stubborn it it's unwavering commitment to selling nothing but pure, unsullied, direct from the factory dolls of the third lead character of the barely seen pilot for the ill-thought-out or researched cartoon from the nineteen eighties based on the board game 'Mouse Hunt', leading to having to deal with endless questions, including but not limited to - 'why'd you open this store', 'did this show even really exist?' and 'do you ever get in any Star Wars figures?' .... Than eat an Oatmeal Cookie.  
- I'd rather go to Saturn... Than eat Jupiter. 

Yep, sometimes in life there are things we'd like to do, but those things aren't available to us, and of the things that are available to us, sometimes we have to decide upon a thing that may not be appealing, but is at least better than one other thing. That's when we play: 


I recommend playing yourself at home, unless there is a thing you'd RATHER do, in which case, congratulations - you've already played! 

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