Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tolerance on Strike

Like a strike force hired to strike fear into those struck with a weird desire to strike out against their oppressors who rose to power when they learned to harness the power of lightening strikes - winter has struck my current home of Sydney Australia. 

It may only technically be autumn, but make no mistake, winter is here, I mean get this, the past couple of days it's been so cold that wearing shorts has been, at best, tolerable!

And as a short wearer who has been forced to tolerate this only tolerable weather I've learned something - tolerating stuff ain't that bad. In fact its very tolerable. 

This is interesting because in the modern world of outrage junkies, PC prisoners, and close minded assholes everywhere we are constantly hearing about people and their utter fury at other people being furious at different  people for having thoughts alternative  to their own, and how this fury is utterly intolerable, especially the middle furious people I think, or maybe it's the original furious people. It's hard to keep up. 

Well normally I stay away from hot button issues, but it occurred to me that if you don't like hot button issues don't hang out in bakeries in the morning, where frankly the hot buttons are delicious, especially with butter, and I like bakeries, and given the brisk crispiness of the air, and my new understanding of tolerance, I'm going to go ahead and tolerate a couple of things I previously found intolerable, to set an example of tolerance. 

I already totally tolerate all the regular things people find intolerable, but here is my new list of things I now tolerate which I think up until now had never known what it felt like to be tolerated by anyone:

- Things glued to things that are traditionally only stapled or paper-clipped together, such as legal papers, film scripts or gay couples. 
- Forms of dance where the dancers are expressing themselves through alternatives to dance, such as ballet, the tango or the war on terrorist insurgents hiding in the hills above communities unaware of the true belief systems of the 'nature scientists' they have welcomed to their town with warm smiles, Tuesday night drink specials at the local tavern and in two cases permission to accompany their daughters to the home coming dance.
- Canadians.

Yep the world just got injected with a huge steaming pile of tolerance people. Next step compassion! Which I'm looking forward to, but frankly first it's going to have to get a lot colder than this. 

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