Thursday, April 9, 2015

And thank fuck for that

'And remember kids, no one has ever been sent to the principles office and/ or detention for trying on a hippo for gym shorts?' 

Well what a great program that was. Full of great lessons for kids, adults and even the time of life ambiguous. 

I think gym classes around the globe are going to have a lot less people of all ages saying 'I can't play dodgeball today coach, I don't have any gym shorts'. And thank fuck for that. 

But more than that I'm happy for the hippos. We've finally found a good use for them. Wow, gym shorts! Who'd have guessed? 

You just never know where your usefulness will be discovered. The options are literally endless: gym shorts, gym shirts, gym socks, gym sandals, gym slacks, gym soccer balls, gym ceilings, gym salad dressings, salad sock dressings, gym ceiling salads, gym giant lake dwelling African mammals, the navy, or maybe even something requiring physical dexterity. 

Literally endless. Unless you're a gym junkie in which case - give it a fucking rest, we get it, you have better abs than us, but we can't take selfies in the mirror of our shirts pulled up showing off our superior personalities you dicks! 

And thank fuck for that. 

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