Friday, April 10, 2015

I hate it

I had to do something I really truly hate today: 

I had to..

Wait before I say what it was, I need to reiterate, this is something I REALLY hate. Like you know how some people hate like, I don't know, what do normal people hate? Constellations they can't identify without a telescope? Rocks hidden in rock candy that's painted like rock candy so people don't know it's rocks? Gays? Whatever it is other people hate.

I don't hate those these things obviously. I hate the thing I'm about to name that I had to do: 

I had to... 

Wait before I say it I just want to reiterate that I really didn't mean anything by that 'gays' thing. The joke is that no one ACTUALLY hates any of those three things. But then some people do hate gays for some weird reason. Who cares who people love and fuck? I say hate them all equally. But I also really, really hate this thing I had to do today: 

I had to be the bad guy in a relatively minor matter even though I was in the right one hundred percent. 

I fucking HATE that! 

You know, that's like what parents have to do three thousand times a day. Holy shit I never want to be a parent. 

Having to do stuff like this makes me feel like my soul has been jammed into a rusty washing machine full of nails and spiders and put on spin cycle. Which if really happened would suck, because in this scenario, much like another game I can think of, soul beats nails, nails beat spiders, and spiders beat soul. Plus you'd have to rust out your washing machine and those can be costly to replace. 

The point is I don't want to think about things I hate anymore today, so here are things I DONT hate. 

- The theory of relativity. 
- The role generosity plays in a healthy society. 
- Accuracy in health care diagnoses. 

Yeah that's better. Good stuff is good. And if people make me do this shit again I'm totally putting rusty nails in their washing machine. 

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