Monday, April 6, 2015

What are you waiting for?

Let's face it, you occasionally smell like a bakery, you only catch limos when you go to see ballet, you're often dazed at the thought of hall lined with bows and arrows, you still regularly get zits but only on your left earlobe, you've long lamented the truth that gazebos can be enjoyed by anyone, you wait for bated breath for definitive proof that navy blue was invented by the navy, you're adamant that valor oozes pretentiousness in just the perfect doses, you truly believe that the best street artist of all time was 'Carvin' but you tell everyone you think it was 'Surplus Meet' because you like to keep Carvin just for yourself, you only go to church to light candles and feed your otherwise dormant pyromania, you're adamant that architecture appreciation can't be taught or learned only felt within, you think air-conditioning systems have their own aura, and you've never been to Mongolia but you're open to the possibility of going one day - clearly, clearly you're destined to one day run a small candy store dedicated to foreign, rare and ol'timey candy options. 

So what the fuck are you waiting for, I've got a sweet tooth Goddamn it, and I want a fucking caramel goolah right now!!!

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