Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Monumental miscreants

Dayton was now officially a 'Forget Not'. It had been his dream for many years to join their ranks, and now that he'd been ordained he was fighting the urge to smile, for that could do nothing but sully the moment.

'Wow, the forget nots' he thought to himself 'the international band of miscreants hell bent on long term infamy through a highly and intensely calculated program and dedication to becoming so epically and mind numbingly uninteresting that people who make their aquantence can not help but be punched in the solar-plexes with a strongly wielded sense of "holy crap that person was uninteresting", therefore guaranteeing entrance into their sub-conscious, possibly even motivating conversations beginning with sentences such as "I met this person last night, holy crap that person was uninteresting" now starting a spreading of the sub-conscious penetration, which once amplified by people sharing similar experiences with similar encounters with other members of the group will ultimately make the entire organization unforgettable!' 

Yep, the urge to smile was strong, but Dayton resisted. It was against organization rules after all. There was only one thing Dayton was willing or allowed to do right now, pretty much nothing. And as an official member he'd be doing pretty much nothing for the rest of his life. 

Still, on the monumental occasion of this monumental event he did allow himself one monumental last indulgence, and it took its form in this brief, yet intense thought, a moment of joy, something that was utterly frowned upon, and he'd never feel again, so he had to enjoy this one, so with the mask of a frown on his face he let it hit his mind...

'Suck on that Dad, I TOLD you it didn't matter that I flunked algebra' 

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