Saturday, February 13, 2016

A beautiful Valentine's Day poem

Joel had a plan for the best Valentines Day present imaginable! 
He was going introduce his girlfriend Sally to something for the first time ever. 
Something splendid and wonderful.
Something gorgeous and radiant. 
Something elegant and ornate and awesome.
Something delectable and delightful and devine! 
He was to introduce her to cheese!

It was going to be epic. 

But it turned out she'd already tried cheese.
It ruined his whole plan.
He was planning to say to her 'how have you never tried cheese before? Are you fucking crazy. It's cheese. For fucks sake, cheese. Cheese. CHEESE!!!'

But it was ruined. 
So they just had sex instead.
It was the worst Valentine's Day ever. 

And now, with love, here is an illustrated history of a piece of cheese 

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