Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Today in questions - tears?

Today in Questions - tears 

There are so many answers out there man, but who's asking the questions?  And are they the right questions? It's like there's like so many questions yet to be asked, right? Like, just for an example, what's up with tears man? You know? They come out of the eyes, but if you don't cry where does that water go? Into the brain? And if so can your brain drown? And if so can you give a brain mouth to mouth? And does it taste good? And is it right to wonder how it tastes when a life is at stake? And what if it was a steaks life at stake? And if those tears don't go into the brain how can you be sure the brain isn't overheating? And if it is can a brain evaporate? And if it evaporates does that mean rain is full of brain? And if so how come rain barely even tastes of scalp, let alone brain? And what if you DO cry, and the crying reminds you of sadness, and sadness reminds you of being sad, and remembering being sad leads you to BEING sad, so you end up crying TOO much, so all the water cries out, do you have to water your eyes to replenish the water supply? And how would you even do that? The funnel on most water spouts is probably too wide, can you narrow it? And if you can, what does that say about the water spouts construction? Why would they make the spouts amendable? Why not just do the research into optimal spout to eyeball ratio before going into full scale manufacturing? And what if you did, but the scale itself was off kilter, what does that say about your research department? And how does 'kilter' get completely off the hook here? Is it an escape artist? And if so why the fuck don't we know about this already? You got an established fucking escape artist out there then the public needs to fucking know, right? What if we had an evil kidnapping plot hatching in our brains? How do we know that if the spout we kidnap escapes it won't talk? And if that's because it CAN'T talk, then who the fuck ripped it's voice box out? I didn't even know they HAD voice boxes, why the fucking fuck wasn't I told? Am
I not good enough to be told this shit? I mean fuck you, is that what you think? Cause that makes me want to cry, and what if instead of crying out my eyes, I, I don't know, maybe miraculously developed some sort of 'tear duct'? Would that make me MORE advanced than the robots man? Cause I threw a water balloon at one of those once, and it exploded quietly all over it, and even though the robot had a complete shut down it barely even yelled at me, so who's the real hero? I mean the point is there's a steaks life at stake for fucks sake, has someone called the fucking cops? And if not WHY the fuck NOT? 

You know? 

I mean it's like a yes or no question man.

That's the real question. 

You know man? 

Yes vs no. 

Is the rain full of brain?


That was today in questions. Join us again to cover the next topic, will it be - shin guards? I don't fucking know, stop asking me shit. 

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