Thursday, November 25, 2021

The Society - A poem


I own a shirt 

Mine's red 

Which makes me the BEST 

Or at least better than folks who don't own a red shirt 

At least during the game "who owns the most red shirts" 

In other circles 

Such as down at the Red Shirt Society of Red Shirt Owners 

I often don't even finish in the top five best 

When it comes to red shirt owners 

Which sucks because at the Society, anyone who fails to finish in the top five 

Has to give their red shirts to the top five winners

Which is a rule that I think, 

And this might just be me, 

But I think makes it hard to crown a variety of top five most red shirt owners 

Over time 

And I didn't join the Red Shirt Society of Red Shirt Owners to AVOID variety 

I'll you THAT! 

I might make a complaint at the next "How to keep everything the same" meeting. 

Oh no no, 

At the Societies Annual "wear a red shirt, variety sucks" ball. 

OORRRR. yes yes yes 

I'll raise it next weekend at the  "No Variety, EVER, if you're looking for Variety fuck off somewhere else, cause you ain't getting it here" Sadie Hawkins Dance! 


Variety, here we come! 

The End 

Update: They didn't go for it. They actually told me to fuck off. 

It's ok though, I've joined a NEW Society. 

The Variety Society of Variety and other sorts Of Variety Society 


The uniform is BLUE! 

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