Thursday, January 6, 2022

The Best Of The Best Of Lists - Number 6

Dusk. DUSK. Dusk

Dusk has a way of messing with your mind. The darkening sky, the cooling air, the night owls coming out of their nests, the day owls heading back inside and wondering if they really are owls at all.

Dusk makes a person ask questions of themselves, questions like:

  • Is this really what I’m doing with my life? - and
  • Shouldn’t I be at home? - and
  • Maybe I’ll stay for one more whisky? - and
  • What time even is it? - and
  • Oh that’s right, it’s dusk? - and
  • Oh, that actually pretty early to be at a bar, maybe I’ll have two more whiskies? - and
  • And maybe some curly fries? - and
  • Does this place even sell curly fries? - and
  • No they don’t. Dang. I love curly fries?

But dusk isn’t all self-reflection and ambiguous life choices. Good things happen at dusk too, things like

  • Nocturnal rodents coming out to play - and
  • Day amphibians that are fucked up on drugs coming out thinking it’s dawn, and when they realize it’s not, deciding to just get fucked up again instead of returning to bed- and
  • Probably some fun fish shit too

But whether good, bad, dark, light, or some sort of glowing weird maroon color - one thing is always the same - dusk is a good time to hit play on a movie if you want it to be done in time to still grab dinner before the clubs open.

And that’s exactly why Becky Lackers decided to finally hit play on the film Dusk To Dawn, which she’d been meaning to get around to finally watching for basically like forever.

And we are ecstatic that she did, because that simple action, that seemingly minor choice, led to MASSIVE rewards, for Becky AND the world.

That's right - THAT was choice that led to Becky’s OUTLANDISHLY brilliant best of list.

A list that ROCKETED straight to our Number 6 - best of the best of 2021 lists, list.

Her list - I know it, you know it, we all know it - it is of course…

My top three things I noticed about the film Dusk To Dawn which I finally saw in 2021

Dang, YEAH!!!

And let me be the first to say it - what a fucking OUTLANDISHLY brilliant list. Concise yet detailed, profound yet gorgeously simple, forlorn yet full of more joyful wonder than your average ballet class graduation bring your own cupcake festival!

Now, we rarely do this, but seeing as Becky's list, at this point only exists verbally (I overheard her saying it to her friend Josephine on the night bus), and seeing as at the time Becky was pretty wasted (like a god damn amphibian that apparently doesn’t own a clock), and seeing as wasted people sometimes don’t remember what they say, well I’m going to just (gulp) steal it (sorry Becky, if you see this please contact me and I’ll share the profits with you - and really do, the profits will be CONSIDERABLE).

So here they are - Becky Lackers - Top three things I noticed about the film Dusk To Dawn which I finally saw in 2021

1. Did you know Quitnen Tarinwhatshisname was once an actor too? Oh you did. Well me too now.

2. Where do I know that girl who plays the daughter from… oh wait wait I know - she was in that other movie, um um, you know, yes she was

3. The ending TOTALY ripped off Twilight

OUTSTANDING Becky - poignant yet indifferent, passionate yet reflective, and full of just enough sadness to make a person forget something else sad, like just off the top of my head, say you went to an end of class ballet cupcake festival and no one told you that you had to bring a cupcake, cause you thought, hey it's a festival, I'll get a cupcake there, so everyone else is enjoying a cupcake and you don't have one, and did one fucking asshole even offer you a taste of theirs, not they didn't, not EVEN A TASSTEE

Well done Becky, we think your list is one of the greatest achievements in the film observation arts since Hilal Jones observed that “the Star Wars universe should have more Jedi” - yes Hilal -yes!

Becky, you have our respect, our joy and our number 6!

In summation:

  • Day Owls would be a good name for a yoga studio - because it’s got day - which is a good time to do yoga - and owls which can turn their heads AROUND (just like yoga people).
  • Did y’all ever see that movie where that one girl character is possessed by the devil and so she turns her head all the way around? Why did the other characters all see that and yell “she’s possessed” rather than “she’s turning into an owl”? I mean I know it turned out she WAS possessed - but they didn’t know that at the time, and I just think if the characters were acting honestly in the moment - "she’s turning into an owl" - was a more realistic response - also her puke should have come from her mouth - not the side of her head - other than those two things that movie was wildly accurate.
  • I want to see Quentin act more - seriously, I really enjoy his acting. 
  • Tomorrow we hit the top 5 - is that exciting? Yes. Is that a clue to what number 5 is? No. But was THAT a clue? You bet your dang ass it was!

Ps. Yeah, how come I never see curly fries anymore, bring them back, they were GOOOOOD! 

If there is something you'd like to see more of on menus let us know in the comments. 


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