Saturday, June 17, 2023

Short and Smoldering

 Welcome back to the fantastical. 

This is the blog where I just write shit and then sometimes I post it, and sometimes it’s good, and oh wow is it good. 

Like one time I wrote something so good that my computer caught on fire and the only way to put it out was with urine from a unicorns dream about a crab that eats spider dreams, but not for nutrients, but for the pure pleasure of not being just another going sideways, but in sideways way that is also going no where (like up against a wall, or perhaps a very steep hill with a bad surface for grip for beasts that can’t find good hiking boots for their pinchers) crab. And get this, that’s was what that blog was ABOUT so the fire was a Pssst and a satisfying shouldering smell in mere seconds! 

And other times I write shit and it’s even better than that! 

In summation 

  • Hell yeah! 
  • Fire out but also fire started! 
  • Hell yeah! 
Ps. For any crabs reading this, Katmanpinch is the ONLY place I recommend for pincher friendly hiking boots. Plus, seriously, fuck you Pantacrabia, you talk
a big game, but I tell you what’s supposed to pinch crabs pinchers, NOT their boots! 

Crab Food 

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