Sunday, June 18, 2023

Really Real Really Rad

 It’s fantastical time everyone, the blog where yesterday we discussed unicorns, so you KNOW you’re in the right place. How can you be wrong with unicorns? They’re awesome. 

I mean, of course they are, I mean they’re real, so that’s rad, and real things are almost ALWAYS good, or at least better than non real things, I mean consider these two lists: 

Real things 

  • Gophers 
  • Gob Stoppers 
  • Tom Stoppard 
  • Toms brand desks and other home office products, like shelves for example, and some times shelving 
  • Shelve Fish 
  • Fish sold by size and shape not by breed 
  • Breeding halitosis  

Now consider this list 

Not real things 

  • Halitosis flavored nicotine gum 
  • Gum textured shoes, for times when you want to wear shoes, and kind of wish you could just stick your gum to your feet and call that shoes
  • A product that comes in stick form, but then when you’re done with it you then … STICK it to a wall, or under a desk, or to your feet in lieu of shoes! (Stick :) 
  • A girl named Lieu who is kind of rad and is your friend 
  • The city of Aukland 
  • Gob Continuers 


Well I think we’ve answered this one. In summation. 

  • Real stuff is rad 
  • So is your friend Lieu 
  • Aukland doesn’t exist 

Join us again tomorrow where our topic may, or may not be, Gobs? Should they be stopped or not? It’s about time we found fucking out! 

                                                                Not "real" halitosis 

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