Saturday, October 31, 2009

Escaping my hiding place - Chapter 18


“You can hope for miracles everyday:

But you will never achieve anything until you turn these hopes into actions!”

There are many schools of thought as to when it’s the appropriate time to make the first call to a person whom has just given up her phone number. Some people say never call within the first few days, apparently that way you wont look too keen, and despite the fact by this stage you have already asked for her number, seeming keen on her would be a bad thing. Why this is I have no idea.

I’ve heard some people argue that the best time to make such a phone call is exactly two days after receiving their number. That way you seem somewhat keen, but somewhat nonchalant, so the object of your affections is not sure about how much you want them, even though two days is so clichĂ© now that in some ways you would actually be showing an extra level of keenness by thinking about it enough to plan the perfect time to make your call.

Very few people advocate the use of the same day call approach. Calling a girl the same day as you acquired her phone number apparently is so bad, that no matter how much she liked you before, she now no longer will, because you have now established yourself as some psycho you goes around calling up girls that he likes, because he actually wants to talk to them, and if you’re a girl having the guy you like wanting to talk to you is a horrible thing. Girls can be fucking annoying sometimes! It’s no wonder so many people find it hard to get partners these days.

Personally the same day call is the only approach that could ever work for me. For one thing I don’t care what anybody says, if a girl ever asks for my number, then the absolute earliest call I can receive the better it is, and it then gets slightly worse every second after that. If any girls like me, please tell me as soon as possible, no need to hide it, I want to know.

The other thing is that time has never been my friend. If you have the kind of psychological issues which I have been plagued with, then you’ll know the more time I wait, is just more time for me to doubt myself, and hate myself, and convince myself that I have no chance in hell, and that I may as well not bother.

All this is basically my way of explaining what was going through my thought process in calling up Ellie only a matter or hours after I had seen her on the train. It didn’t go all that well. For one thing a guy answered.

“Hello” he answered

“Oh….hi….is Ellie there by chance?” I replied

“Who is this?”

“This is Jason… JayJay…….Domey”

“How do you know Ellie?”

“I bought a bed off her…..she’s a friend of a friend”

“Well which is it?”

“Um…well both”

“Ellie’s in the shower”

“Ok….well can you tell her I called”

“Who are you again?”


“I’ll tell her”

“Can I leave my number so she can call me?”
”You ask a lot don’t you mate?”

“Um….no….I don’t think so”

“Ok fine…what is it?”

So I gave my number to that arsehole and sat starring at the phone for the next three hours. It didn’t ring. Eventually feeling rather shattered I drifted off into a terrible nights sleep not knowing what the fuck to do.

I woke to the sound of the phone ringing.

“Haaaghhlloo” I coughed out as an answer

“Is that JayJay?” I heard a female voice say in a voice barely above a whisper


“Hi this is Ellie…sorry I didn’t call back last night, I just didn’t get the chance……sorry about my……..roommate…..he can be a bit of an arsehole sometimes” She said still whispering

“That’s ok”

“So what did you want to talk to me about?”

“I don’t know….just called for a chat”

“Oh ok….I thought you must have had a question about some furniture or something”

“Nothing in particular”

“Oh ok….well I can’t talk now…..I might see you around….bye”

And the phone was hung up. “Oh well that’s just fucking superb…I finally meet a girl I like….and she seems to like me at least a bit….and I fuck it all up within hours” I thought to myself. I skipped all my classes that day. Hannah tried to call me, but I didn’t answer my phone. I was feeling quite ordinary. I was shattered, I was completely crushed, and I was completely lost. I spent pretty much the whole day trying to answer one question to myself “What on earth do I do now?”....

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