Sunday, November 1, 2009

Escaping my hiding place - Chapter 19


“Never sing your victory song until the final whistle is blown”

I was crushed in a way I wouldn’t of thought was possible, I mean you wouldn’t think a guy like me who doesn’t think that any girl in the world will ever like him, could be so crushed by being rejected by a girl who I didn’t really ever believe I was a chance with anyway. Obviously I’d thought about it being a success, but then I’d thought about Elisha Cuthbert being on some movie promotional tour or something and spotting me on the street and declaring she had fallen in love with me at first site, but I didn’t really believe that was going to happen, and I mean Ellie was beautiful, and I’m a nobody, what did I expect? Why are humans possessed with this emotion of hope, which seemingly only exists to set us up for falls?

At about seven that night I decided I should probably get up, have a shower and eat my breakfast. I was in the shower singing to myself “Crazy….Crazy for ever believing I was a chance with you”, I’m not sure if that’s the actual lyrics to that song, but that’s how I was singing them, when my singing suddenly and strangely had an accompaniment. I paused for a second, and then realized “It’s my fucking phone!”

I launch out of the shower, scream across the room, sort through a pile of my valuable ‘Explosion Man’ drawings, ruining them for ever, and finally find my phone, conveniently in the bottom of one of my shoes and hit the answer button just as the ring tone stops. Private number! “Fuck you, you fucking fuck, how do you always fucking know when I’m in the fucking shower whoever the fuck you fucking are!” I screamed.

Back in the shower, not so much singing anymore as punching a hole in the tiles, when my phone rings again, however this time I don’t answer it, what’s the point of getting out of the shower again? I just couldn’t be stuffed to put in more effort when the likely hood was that any call directed towards me would just lead to more heartache. After drying off and getting dressed I had a look to see who it was, again a private number. “What’s the big secret for Christ’s sake?”

I was feeling hungry so I decided to walk down to the local ‘Seven Eleven’ and buy one of those dodgy hot dogs they sell, you know the ones, they spin on that machine for about two hundred and sixty five hours before someone is silly enough to buy them. Well that silly person is often me. They do actually taste quite nice, when you don’t find a finger nail inside them.

Anyways, I went and had a finger nail free hot dog, well I’ll be honest I had four of them; I hadn’t eaten all day. When I came home I checked my phone again and was surprised to see two more missed calls from a private number. I was starring at it racking my brain for who the hell would be trying to call me so urgently “it’s definitely not Hannah, I know she wants people to know when she called” I thought to myself just before I was suddenly startled by the phone jumping to life - vibrating and singing.

“Hello” I answered with curiosity

“Hi this is Ellie…how are you?” Ellie said, she was clearly walking outside somewhere, I could hear people talking around her, and strain in her breath from walking as she was talking

“Good…how are you?”

“Good… listen……do you want to have dinner with me tomorrow night?”

“I’d love to”

“Good….can you meet me at my work?”

“Yeah sure”

“About ..six pm..?”


“Ok…..seeya then…I have to go…bye”

“Hooor…..ay” I hesitantly said as soon as she hung up the phone “That’s GREAT…..I think”

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