Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chance Encounters - Part One

A murmur comes from the right hand side of the bed.

Then a sigh.

The room is mostly dark but there is a dull stream of light breaking through the gap in the curtains as the sun rises outside.

A girl sits up, and slowly climbs out of the right hand side of the bed. She is naked, all except for a single rainbow colored sock on her left foot, and her bra is on, although it is turned upside down is is sitting on her stomach. Despite her messy hair and smudged make-up she is clearly very attractive, with a beautiful curvy figure, which is marked with several red marks.

She is surveying the scene. A naked man sleeps on the left hand side of the bed, he is face down and on top of the covers and has a condom wrapper laying on the pillow next to him.

He snores gently as the girl looks at him worryingly.

Now swiftly, yet quietly she up turns her bra so it now once again holds her breasts and begins to seek out the rest of her clothes. She find her knee length bohemian vintage looking blue and pink floral skirt down beside the bed and pulls it on. She finds her second sock ontop of the messy desk beside the window, and her aqua blue tank top on the floor inbetween the bed and the desk and pulls them both on.

She now finds herself looking all over the place, constantly looking back up at the sleeping man, she looks under the bed, and all over the floor and desk, she looks scared and frustrated.

She stops in her tracks and thinks for a moment, and then moves over to the bed, puts her hand under the covers, searches around for a moment before pulling out a yellow pair of panties with a big smily face on them.

Now she scurries over to the door, picks up a small shoulder bag, she scrunches up her panties and jams them inside, then picks up a pair of pink Converse all-star sneakers.

She puts her hand on the door knob, and oh so slowly turns the handle, before gently as possible pulling the door towards her, painfully slowly. Just as the the gap is almost wide enough to squeeze between, there is a squeak.

The man erupts from his sleep, as if waking from a nightmare.

He sits upright, rubs his eyes, before looking over towards the girls guilty gaze.

"Oh hi" he mumbles "where are you going"
"I have to go" she spits out, clearly not happy he is awake
"Why?" he responds sheepishly
"Look, ok, I was drunk last night, I had way too much, you took advantage and got your frigging notch on your bed post or whatever the fuck you guys do now, but I'm not that kind of girl ok, and I don't like guys who take advantage of drunk girls and use them for sex, so I think I am just going to go home, feel like a moron for allowing this to happen to me, and try to forget it as soon as fucking possible"
"What the hell are you talking about" he responds dumbfounded, now switching to a sweet voice "I didn't use you for.... I mean all I did was meet a girl in a bar, and I got talking to her, and I really liked her right away, and that kept growing the more I talked to her.... you know, I mean really" he sighs " I know jumping into bed was rushing it, or you know, taking everything way too fast, but I just really liked you, and I wanted to be with you as long as I could" he pauses "What I am trying to say is this wasn't just a fuck for me, I thought this was the start of something"

She has been watching silently as he spoke. Now she is struggling to contain a smile.

"Really" she eventually responds
"Really, Sarah, yes I know your name, of course, Sarah who is studying graphic design, who works part time in a cafe, and has three siblings, two older brothers and a younger sister, yes Sarah, I really like you, I want to see where this could go"
"Really" she says again, softly, sweetly
"Yes, I am not one of those guys, I don't sleep with a girl unless I really feel a connection with her"
"You feel a connection with me?"
"Of course"

She is no longer trying to suppress her smile, it is now beaming and beautiful.

The man suddenly realizes he is still naked and subconsciously pulls the covers back on top of himself.

"Do you want to come back into bed, just to you know, cuddle” he says softly with a sheepish hopeful smile
“Oh” she replies nervously, and she climbs into bed and then into his awaiting arms

They cuddle tightly in silence, for long sweet moments, as their legs begin to intertwine

Eventually he dares to give her a kiss on her forehead. She smiles. Now she kisses her cheek which rises on his lips as her widening smile lifts her cheek bones. She moves her mouth to his and they begin to kiss softly and then passionately.

Now his hand moves down and cups her shirt covered breast, which sees him immediately put his hand under her shirt to fondle her breasts some more. In seemingly no time he moves his hand under her skirt and finding her pantyless he abruptly lifts up her skirt above her waste, climbs on top of her and inserts himself inside. She moans softly and he grunts as he begins to fuck her immediately hard.

He thrusts as hard and as deeply as he can, watching down to his cock as it slides in and out of her, rather than watching her face or kissing her, and after merely two minutes he grunts loudly as he comes inside of her.

He rolls off her body, and while breathing heavily he give her pussy a little slap with his hand, and while doing this he says in a fast monotone, 'now I have used you for a fuck, now get the hell out of my house you stupid whore'

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